Couples Counseling in Portland

Should you see a couple’s therapist in Portland?

When we get married, the challenges of sharing your life with another are not always realized until later in the relationship. Falling in love is the easy part, but keeping a relationship well is something that requires a great amount of effort. Portland, couple’s therapy can be a very helpful and effective method for any couple that wishes to seek the best out of their relationship.

The most difficult aspect of any problem is recognizing that there is one in the first place. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to seek help whenever you or your partner feel that there are concerns that cannot be resolved by ordinary means. This could include a variety of signs or feelings that you and your partner should remain aware of.

Here are the three most prominent signs that you should see a couple’s therapist.

1. Lack of communication

Communication is the number one problem in all relationships. If you and your partner are not talking regularly, it’s most likely a sign that there is an outstanding issue. With communication being so important in a relationship, this is a sure sign to consider couple’s therapy.

2. Building resentment

If you or your partner begin to build a resentment towards each other for any reason, it is time to consider therapy. This sign is crucial to be aware of and may be time sensitive. As resentment continues to grow, reversing the process becomes increasingly difficult. Therapy should be highly considered at the first signs of resentment.

3. If you are considering an affair or divorce

Whatever the issues are, if they are significant enough to consider seeking sexual pleasure outside of your partner or to give up on the relationship altogether, it is time to see a couple’s therapist. Come see our Portland therapy practice!

It is completely natural to have issues in a relationship. Often times having a professional helping hand can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the strength and health of your relationship. These three signs may be a helpful guide, but just because those signs may not exist in your relationship doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek therapy. In many cases, the most prudent decision is to seek therapy whether there are obvious concerns or not. Preventive care can be very effective in keeping a relationship at its best.

Ultimately, if you or your partner feel that there is a concern in your relationship, it’s best to seek professional help sooner rather than later. Get help from a therapist online here.