Anxiety, Panic, & Phobia Therapy Portland

Are you stressed out from all of your anxiety? Guess what? We can help. We have helped many patients recover from anxiety and get back to normal lives again. We can help you too. You will never live a life entirely free from anxiety, but we can get you back to a moderate level where you are living with only a normal level of anxiety.

Should you see a therapist for anxiety?

Do you find yourself to be constantly stressed out by thoughts of what could possibly go wrong? If so, you might be dealing with an anxiety disorder. This is nothing to be ashamed of, as tens of millions of adults in the United States alone deal with anxiety disorders. However, the most important step in dealing with anxiety is the first, where you admit you have it and decide to seek help. Here are some reasons why you should see a therapist for anxiety.


A therapist trained in treating anxiety disorders will have the resources necessary to understand what you’re going through. You might feel alone with your mind, but opening up to a therapist will reveal just how much security you really have. You don’t have to fear judgment either. This is your opportunity to speak from the heart about what you’re going through.


Therapy is all about giving you the resources necessary to succeed. Rather than feeling burdened by anxiety, you can instead learn the tools necessary to gradually undo the grip it has on your mind. A therapist will give you practical advice, such as thought pattern exercises that you can practice in your daily routine. Things like this will help you realize that anxiety is only as severe as you make it.


You might think that anxiety is something that can only be overcome through your own effort. While it is true that you will make the ultimate decision about wanting to let go or hold onto your anxiety, you should also relish the opportunity to take in another’s point of view. An experienced therapist will be able to recognize the most detrimental of your thought patterns and help you to devise a plan to free yourself from them.


A therapist is a doctor for your mind. By seeking help for your anxiety, you are having your mind treated just like how you would have your body treated following a devastating injury. As you progress along this journey, you can marvel at just how far you came. Overcoming anxiety is a gradual process, but each therapy session is another great step forward on your path towards recovery.

If anxiety has been dominating your life, now is the time to take your life back. I am a trained and qualified therapist who is here to help. Call our Portland therapy office today and we can help you start your fight against anxiety.

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