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The Path to Healing: How to Choose the Portland Therapy Practice That’s Right for You

Occasionally, the best medicine for not knowing how to heal or move on with a situation can be to discuss it with a trained professional. However, therapy can involve a high level of stress when deciding to voice your problems aloud to someone else, as well as the financial burdens that seeking therapy can incur. It is vitally important to make a plan ahead of time so that therapy is ruled as the best solution and that you are fully prepared to commit to a therapist and a schedule of sessions.

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Generally, those who seek therapy find themselves struggling with these persistent issues:

  • Difficulty carrying out normal activities
  • Extensive, unrelenting anxiety
  • Actions or thoughts centered around hurting yourself or others
  • A sense of helplessness with a situation or the feeling that none of the problems can be solved on your own

If this is the case and therapy appears to be the best option, then there are ways to check and research to insure that the therapist you choose will be the best possible fit for your needs.

Tips for finding a therapist in Portland

Ask friends or family
Jumping into a therapy situation can be daunting, especially if you’ve never been through the process before. A common solution is to get in touch with any family or friends you know who already go or have in the past gone to therapy.

Consider the gender of the therapist
When preparing to dedicate yourself to a therapist, keep in mind that for many individuals, the gender of the therapist can make an important difference. For example, some men or women only feel comfortable confessing their stories to other women, or vice versa.

Call potential therapists in the Portland area
Reaching out to therapists is vital in determining if they have the specific skills and qualifications to aid you. When calling a therapist, make sure to address these questions:

  • Where did they go to school
  • What’s their specialty
  • Do they have experience dealing with your specific situation
  • Are they professionally trained and licensed

Evaluate your situation and choose a therapist that best suits your needs
There are many different types of therapists, each with their own unique brand of skills. Before choosing a therapist, it is imperative to understand your specific condition or situation and choose a therapist based on their field of expertise. This includes deciding between:

  • Psychodynamic Therapists
  • Cognitive therapists
  • Behavioral, or solution-oriented therapists
  • Family systems therapists

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